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TV Show Audio for Video

We just finished doing a pilot (4 shows) for V-Boys Productions. The show is a talk show format similar to "The Vue" but with a Christian perspective. The Show is called "The Vanessa Waller Show". We provided the audio recording for the shoot. Here is a picture of the set.

The Vanessa Waller ShowThe Vanessa Waller Show

There are 5 hosts for the show and a small live audience. We mic'd the hosts direct with wireless lapel mics, and recorded everything to Logic Studio. An important thing to remember, is the format. You need to record the audio in 16 bit 48 kHz because that is the format for the video when you bring it together in post. The show was shoot in HD (720p 30p) using Panasonic HVX200 cameras.

The next shoot takes place next month. We are going to record directly into one of the cameras and to Logic from now on. It is much easier to edit in post if you have good audio synced to a camera when you bring all the footage into post and the logic recording will be the backup.
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