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First Baptist Church in Tacoma -Sound Booth Complete

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As you can see the site lines to the platform are none existent. The new design will fix that. In total they only had 29 rack spaces for the entire sound booth.
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Here the sound man is making some adjustments. He has to stand on his toes to see down to the platform. The sound entering the booth was blocked by the huge video rack to the left and there was a balcony railing with a glass insert on the right side of the booth.
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This is what my iPhone took when I held it over the video rack. The worship team is on the floor in front of the platform.
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Here we started to build up the floor. We raised it one step (approx. 7"). We also got our electrician in to make sure we had 4 20 amp dedicated circuits.
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these are the feed wires from the platform and the floor pockets under the first row of pews.
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The raw frame of the booth starts to take shape. Under the tabletop there is a 6" trough thats runs the full width of the booth. We painted the trough and the wall black to hide all the cables
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Here it is all populated with equipment. The new booth has 55 rack spaces and now they have clear site lines to the platform.
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Here is the computer/video side of the booth. The cables just above the remotes are to plug in a laptop to the video system. They use a Apple laptop for special videos.
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The video section. The middle rack has four 7" monitors and the DVD recorder. One for each camera and one for each Roland V4 switcher output. We doubled the video feed of all the devices to feed each V4. One V4 sends signal to main screen and the other to the back screen which is on the balcony face.
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Here is the audio setup. On the left is the CD/Cassette playback, in the middle is a power-strip, verb, and an audio distribution amp. The right side has the patch-bays. The 1/4" patchbay is used to bring all the playback devices into the system and the TT (tiny telephone) patchbay connects the platform feed to the channels in the board

all pictures were taken with a first generation iPhone. We prebuilt the parts for the booth and installed it from a Thursday morning through to Saturday at about 8:00 pm.
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