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ISP in Idaho

We just finished doing an install of a pair of ISP HDM 115 speakers in the All Saints Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho. We had to create special brackets for the beams in the sanctuary. As you can see from the pictures, the beams have different angles from one side to the other. Here is a picture with the old speakers (Mackie SRM 450) and what it looks like now.
Mackie SRM 450 in All SaintsISP Speaker hang

The beam angle on one side was 67 degrees while the other side was 34 degrees. These speakers have what I would call line array technology in them as they do behave like line arrays. Here is a close up of the hang
We fabricated custom brackets to mount the ISP HDM115 Speakers

This is the second install that we have done in Idaho. The other install was in Twin Falls. Every time I put one of these speakers in I am amazed all over again. While I was in Boise I made a quick trip to Twin Falls to deliver a Microboards Copywrite Live CD recorder to the church there. While I was there we listened to a bunch of stuff off my iPhone. One of the tracks was “Our Love” off the “House of Love” album by Amy Grant and I heard something that I never heard before. In the song there is a lot of percussion and in one part it sounds like someone is patting their chest. I’ve never heard that before on any of my systems. I got an email from the sound person in Twin Falls and he listened to that track on his cervin vega speakers and he couldn’t hear it at all. ISP rocks.

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