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ISP SPeaker Upgrade

Heading back to Twin Falls ID. This time it's to fix a system that I installed a few years ago. The system consisted of a pair of Mackie (RCF 300A) speakers. This was when Mackie had just bought RCF, and had not taken over production from Italy yet.

Side Note: Mackie had a hard time meeting demand with the factory in Italy so they took over production and eventually outsourced to China. This was bad for the church. Now it is really hard to get service, and we don't have access to RCF components. I have tried to get parts directly from RCF to no avail.

Someone tweaked the settings on the Ashley Protea EQ and blew out one of the Woofers. Mackie replaced it once with the speaker that they use now, but with the bad settings that one blew up also. Now they (the church) would like to upgrade to a better speaker. I recommended the ISP HDM112. The improvements will be really noticed in the mid range where guitars and vocals live. The ISPs are a 3 way speaker with 2 x 2" compression drivers for the mid range. This will give them clarity that a 2 way system could not produce. I will post pictures when I get back from the install. I will be conducting 2 days of training for the new sound personnel.

The install that we did a few years ago really improved the sound for the worship team. I left the existing cluster in place and used that as the center channel of the system. We configured the system into a LCR setup (Left Center Right). We set it up the center channel on a separate control from the Left and Right.
The cluster was only used during the preaching and the L & R only for the worship. During the preaching and announcements the L & R speakers were turned down. Also the original sound booth was in the balcony and the sound personnel had a hard time mixing. We moved the booth down to the main setting area just ahead of the face of the balcony.
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