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Live Recording - analog, digital, with computer, harddisk style recorder, or mixer/recorder stand alone unit?

When you are ready to start "Live Recording" you will find in your research that you have a lot of options. Which one is the best? First you need to put together a couple of lists. One being the intended audience for the final product (target quality), and how to distribute it (internet, CD, DVD, DVD ROM, etc). Once you got that figured out you can start looking at what equipment and process it would take to do that type of recording. So lets look at an example:

We want to record the pastors message and put it on CD and put it up to the Web Site.
Target Quality: CD =
44KHz / 16 bit Internet = mp3 format

Now comes the fun, what do you use to record? You could use a Direct to CD recorder for example: Tascam CD-RW900/901 Standalone CD Recorders
Tascam CD-RW900/901 CD Recorder

But then you still have the internet version to deal with. For that its best to record direct to a computer. So for the above need the best solution would be to record to both at the same time. If you need to edit the material before you release it, the answer would be to skip the Tascam unit and record directly to computer and create 2 files when you are done editing. One for the CD distribution and one for the internet.

Next we will tackle: Live Music recording

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