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Live Recording & Audio Recording/Video Capture-Editing Studio

The sanctuary of Christ Life Center Church Tacoma
We are installing a complete Live Recording - Tracking studio for Christ Life Church in Tacoma, WA. They are upgrading their existing live sound system to accommodate live audio recording and live video recording.

This church is blessed with remarkable musical talent. They have produced and recorded their own CD's (in a recording studio) already and now they what to capture their live performance.

We are installing a new 32 x 8 split snake from Radial Engineering and 2 of the new Tascam DM-4800 digital boards. One for the live and one for the studio. To record and track in the studio we are installing a Tascam X-48 (48 track hard-disk recorder) which gives them the ability to record the live performance to individual tracks as well as another 16 tracks available for tracking in the studio.

For the video capture we are starting with 2 Panasonic HVX200 HD camera's, a third camera will be added later. The editing bay consists of a new 8 core Mac Pro setup with 8 gigs of RAM 2 x 750 gig hard-drives and 2 x 24" Monitors that can handle 1080p HD. Software to edit video Final Cut Pro Studio 2, and Logic Studio to handle the audio.

The great thing about the Tascam board is that it is also a controller for the most popular DAW software (pro tools, logic, sonar, etc.)

We will be dealing with the acoustics of the sanctuary as part of phase 2 of this project. For now the church will be honing their skills on the new equipment.

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