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Live Recording - analog, digital, with computer, harddisk recorder?

What are the pros using for live recording (bands)?
Things have changed rapidly in the way that we record live. We used to use a separate mixer and get a feed from the direct outs of the FOH mixer to record the performance. That practice for a long time only changed slightly when digital multi-track recorders became available. Pro-Tools has become the digital recording program of choice for many years, only because it established a foot hold early. Now things have got real interesting as far as new things to come along.

Digidesign has released the live/recording consoles (The Venue Series) which give Pro-Tools users a real good way to mix and record live, of course this would be at the high end.

Muddy Sound from a Sound System with Active Sub Woofers?

Are you having issues with muddy sound from your subs?

Here is a tip:
If possible wire up your subwoofers from a
post fader aux send on the board to a graphic EQ then to the subs. See diagram below: Read More...