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Home Recording - Sound Proofing

Here is a new product that I just discovered, its called Quietrock and their claim is that 1 sheet of their 525 product (which is 5/8&rdquoWinking, is equal to 8 sheets of 5/8” drywall (acoustically speaking).
Check these videos out:
HGTV Show Holmes on Homes talks about QuietrockDIY Network Show talks about Quietrock

As you can see from these videos it works really well. So here is the thing, you can build a home recording studio with relatively good sound proofing without doing major construction to your house. This would be a first step in gaining a quiet control room. Remember good sound isolation from the studio to the control room is paramount.

ISP Speaker Upgrade Complete

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
I just finished installing a pair of ISP HDM112 speakers for the First Baptist church in Twins Falls, Idaho. The original system consisted of an Allen Heath GL 3200 32 channel board and a LCR speaker system with Mackie (RCF) 300A for the Left and Right and 2 Community cabs for the cluster. We replaced the RCF speakers with the ISP HDM112. The difference was amazing. The thing that I notice about these speakers is their ability to project sound and their clarity. In a narrow (39’ wide and 39’ ceiling height) room like this its important to have a system that can project to the back of the room without being incredibly loud at the front. Read More...

ISP SPeaker Upgrade

Heading back to Twin Falls ID. This time it's to fix a system that I installed a few years ago. The system consisted of a pair of Mackie (RCF 300A) speakers. This was when Mackie had just bought RCF, and had not taken over production from Italy yet.

Side Note: Mackie had a hard time meeting demand with the factory in Italy so they took over production and eventually outsourced to China. Read More...