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Selective Hearing? Have you tuned your ears in or are you tuned out?

Have you noticed that if you put your cell phone up to the ear that you don't use, it doesn't sound right. That's because your mind has trained your ear to use the right filters to compensate for the sound that your cell phone puts out. Read More...

problems with Mackie SWA1801 Subwoofer and the Fix

I recently had to check the speakers on a pair of Mackie SWA1801 subs for blown speakers. Once I got the front cover off (many bolts) to get access to the speakers...... Read More...

Sub Woofers - Why the 180° polarity switch?

There is a reason why that switch is there on sub-woofers. Read More...

Concerts - Do you go anymore?

When was the last time you went to a concert? I stopped going... why? The sound in the venue was terrible. The last one I went to was Eric Clapton when he toured with a 40 piece orchestra. Read More...

Active or Passive for Main Speakers? Part Two

If you have a system that you are going to add to or just update some components, your existing speakers for example, the passive speakers are your best bet. Unless you are looking to really upgrade to the next level. I am working with Read More...

Active or Passive for Main Speakers? Part One

I have had a lot of questions lately about whether to go active or passive in the choice for main speakers. While active is great, it does deserve some caveats. If you choose an active system make sure that you order one extra of every model you have in your system. The reason; if you have a problem with any of your speakers it will have to sent somewhere to get repaired. Having an extra allows you to keep the integrity of your system while the component is being repaired.
So which is better?