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Ingredients to grow a church

1. The pastor better be a pastor, someone who loves people, a people person.
2. Grounded in the word
3. Have a great sound system

The last one may sound funny, but it is very, very true. If the congregation can't hear the word, or the vocal intelligibility is poor, the church will not grow. I have a good case in point. A baptist pastor called one day and asked if they could improve the vocal intelligibility of their system because the older members were having a hard time understanding the pastor's preaching. Read More...

Using the right tool for the right job - microphones

How does a Microphone Hear?
The way a microphone responds to sound and the way we hear are vastly different. Understanding this difference will help you understand how to use microphones properly.

Human Perception of Sound
God has blessed most of us with an incredible mechanism to perceive sound We perceive a wide variety of sound characteristics such as:direction, loudness, pitch, etc. We can make mental choices of what we desire to listen to. This allows us to focus our hearing on what we choose to listen to.

Microphones Response to Sound
In contrast to the human hearing system, a microphone is a crude and simple device used to pick up sound vibrations. Actually a microphone only contains one faction of the human hearing mechanism, just a diaphragm which converts sound vibrations to electrical energy. Read More...

Church Systems - should they be Mono or Stereo?

Churches have migrated from the bullhorn and soapbox to fairly large complex sound systems. Most church buildings today are not designed for sound, so even the smallest church building needs a good sound system. Why do churches go through at least 2 sound systems before they get one that really works? Read More...

Church Sound Systems - Update every 5 years?

It seems that every 5 years from an install I get a call with comments like "Our system just doesn't sound good anymore" or "We need a better system". If the system was great 5 years ago why the indifference to it now? The answer is that we quickly get used to the way it sounds. The best remedy to an ailing system is to have it tuned. Every sound system needs to be tuned at least twice a year. Read More...

New Site in the works

News!!! We are updating the site. Checking out a new format. It has a good blogging feature and podcasts as well.
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