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Life Change Church Seattle - New System

Life Change Church Seattle

Associate Pastor Art Nelson would like the room to sound like a recording studio control room. His comment on the existing system: It has a mushy bottom end, with it sounding very different depending on where you sit in the seating area.

Project: Upgrade Sound, Video, Acoustic Treatment, and Lighting

Design Parameters:

  • Acoustics - room to have a sound signature similar to a recording studio control room. Adding bass traps, panels and diffusion. (see drawings below)
  • Sound - Total new system, converting to digital, centered around a Midas M-32 mixer with 48 channels to platform. Speaker choice is the ISP HDL 3112 3-way line array with the ISP XMAX 212 Sub Woofers (all active) XTA processing and installed in a LCR configuration.(see SketchUp drawing below)
  • Lighting - All new lights to be LED including house lighting. Some par fixtures and a lot of robotics.

SketchUp Drawings


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Existing System:

  • Acoustics - None, no acoustic treatments of any kind in the existing room.
  • Sound - 2 x EAW Passive MK Series Club Speakers, Mackie SWA 1801 Active Sub Woofers, QSC amps (mains & monitors), Mackie SR 32-4 VLZ console, 4 stage pockets with 8 x XLR & 4 x 1/4” connectors.
  • Lighting - House light consist of residential hanging globe fixtures and track light for stage area.
  • Video - projection system on to a painted-on-wall screen in 4:3 format approx. 100” diagonal
  • Room size is 40’ x 40’, so this is a small room and their is a lot of energy put into the room from this system. The speakers are mounted in center cluster configuration, running mono. No processing of any kind, and amplifiers are located at the sound booth.

New Sound-booth Design
20U Rack
Power Strip *(rear of rack)
1U Power Strip with lights
1U Power Sequencer
1U Aux input panel (with XLR, RCA, 1/4” & 1/8” stereo connectors)
1U Denon 700C Playback
2U 8 Unit Wireless Mic Rack
3U Drawer (lapel/headset mics)
3U Drawer (wireless handheld mics)
3U Drawer for misc parts tools and sundries
3U Drawer (wired mics)
1U Behringer D-Box
1U Blank

Midas M-32

iMac 27" for display graphics & Video on 4K screens
Storage under counter top

Bass Trap
Custom built bass trap featuring active carbon technology

Sound Booth Walls
All walls & floor insulated and Quietrock drywall installed on inside of sound booth.

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