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Line Arrays for Small Churches

Here is a temporary install of a mini line array for a small church in Tacoma WA. It is a temporary install because they are putting in a truss system very shortly and the speakers are not in the optimum position right now.

Here is a render of the future truss system with the speakers hanging in future location & a picture of where they are right now:
Line array installed at Christ Life Church

the new line arrays in their temporary location:

Mini line array at Christ Life Center Church in Tacoma

We added a new power panel with 12 new 20 amp circuits. The circuits are positioned right behind the right speaker array which is where the truss will be.

Power installed for future lighting system at Christ Life Center Church.

These Line Arrays are amazing, 300W to Low Mids (single cabinet with 2 x 8" woofs) and 300W distributed to the top boxes (each top box has 2 x 4" full range speakers and 1 x 4" ribbon tweet). Plenty of headroom for this small room. The price $1,599.00 per side for active line arrays. For the first time you actually get a true phantom center from the stereo image of these speakers. more info on speakers......

They have a drive rack PA and I used it to tune the whole array to the room. Each of the top boxes are have a 4 degree splay.. These arrays have a sweet warm sound to them and I would put these in any church that has up to 500 people. We left the single 18" peavey sub right where it is under the right front edge of the platform.

Now they have nice even SPL throughout the whole seating area.

Once the trusses are in and the speakers are in the rightful place I will post more pictures.

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