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Mini Line Arrays Part 2 update

Now we have the trusses up and the mini line arrays in their right location. Here was the sequence of events.

We started the install on Thursday with the 2 uprights and finished the rest of the truss on Friday.

Uprights put up firstRight side upright

Christ Life crew fastening truss to side wallWider shot of the guys working on the truss

Still need to tune and adjust angles but they are ready to use for the service today.

Mini Line Array speakers hung and lightsMini Line Array speaker hung and lights

The first use of the new set-up

So this is the finished install of stage 1 of the truss install.
The material on the side walls was for a '70s disco party for Elder Beck's 50th birthday. It really isn't part of the church decor.

For the pricing and layout of this project ....

Tuned the system last night and WOW! what a difference. It sounds like a concert in there now. Played some of my favorite stuff off my iPhone and it sounds like loud studio monitors.

Mobile device users - Direct to Store Page of the Mini Line Array System

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