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Muddy Sound from a Sound System with Active Sub Woofers?

Are you having issues with muddy sound from your subs?

Here is a tip:
If possible wire up your subwoofers from a
post fader aux send on the board to a graphic EQ then to the subs. See diagram below:

An alternative wiring schematic for sub woofers

This gives you the ability to send only the channels that you want to the subs. It will clean up your muddy sound and it will give you the ability to dial in your subs with a lot more control.

When you are mixing you don't want any vocals going to the subs or cymbals. All you want is the bass, kick drum, floor tom and possibly some guitar.

This will drastically improve your sound.

Note: The graphic EQ is an option. You don't need it for the subs, but it will help you dial out a frequency that tends to come alive in your room.
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