Birth of Soundoc

Soundoc was started in 1997 to fulfill a need. At the time I was the Media Director at a large church in Boise, ID. I was continually called by other churches to "fix" their systems. I was soon called the "Sound Doc" because of what I did. That was the beginning of "Soundoc".

Tom Hautka has owned 2 recording studios in Canada, toured in a rock band in the 70's, has certificates from Syn-Aud-Con in Sound System Design, Sound System Test and Measurement, Sound System Set-up.
To be a good audio engineer you need to know and understand these 2 things:

1. How does sound behave in the air?
2. How does sound behave in a wire?

Once you have those figured out you need to understand what it takes to create a mix. In order to learn that, it is best to dissect a several mixes in various genres of music (Country, Rock, R&B, Blues, Jazz etc) because all these basically use the same instruments, yet they do have their own distinctive sound. 



Here is a partial list of previous clients (Idaho)
First Baptist Churches in:

•Twin Falls - full system
•Boise - full system
•Buhl - consult
•Filer - consult
•Midvale -consult
•Nampa - video projection system
•New Plymouth - acoustical consult

Lutheran Church location: Pocatello ID - new main speaker system and rewire

Capital Christian Center location: Boise ID - system upgrade (speakers,board,snake)

Life Church location: Hailey ID - full system
Four Square Church location: Burley ID - full system

Morning Star Church (World Outreach Center) location: Huntley, IL - system upgrade (speakers, board, rewire platform)



Presently working on these projects:
All Saints Presbyterian location Boise, ID - (full system move and upgrade) *C

Christ Life Church location: Tacoma, WA (complete audio recording and video studio)*C

First Baptist Church location:Twin Falls, ID (Speaker Upgrade, Tuning, Training)*C

United Church location: University Place, WA (System Upgrade, extend sound to Nursery - Sunday School)*C

St Joseph's Church location: Issaquah, WA - (rewire speakers, aim and tune system, sound baffle the speaker compartments)*C

First Baptist Church location: Tacoma WA - (Main Sanctuary - rewire system, move amps from balcony to behind platform, training, system update + design) *C

Christ Life Center Church location:Tacoma WA - (Main Sanctuary - new speaker system, trusses and lighting)*C

Life Change Church location: Renton, WA - (Consult on web, audio, and video media) *O

*C = completed
*O = ongoing